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We Want Nurses not Non Doms

Many of you tell me how hard it is to see a GP, to get an ambulance when you need one or
are waiting for an operation. Anyone who works in the NHS will tell you there aren't enough staff - we urgently need to retain existing staff and recruit new nurses and doctors to fix it.


Labour would abolish the special tax perk called ‘Non-Dom’ status because we believe those who live and work here should pay their taxes here. Instead, we’d spend the money on training new NHS staff.

We will be able to fund the biggest expansion of its workforce in NHS history:

  •  doubling the number of medical school places,

  • creating 10,000 more nursing and midwifery clinical placements each year,

  • doubling the number of district nurses qualifying each year and

  • training 5,000 more health visitors

  • all paid for by abolishing the non-dom tax status.


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