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Tell Southern Water: support local businesses and residents now

In recent months we have seen the taps running dry for 5 days in Hastings (May 2024) and Rye (Sept 2023) and major flooding for the second time in Hastings town centre. For many small businesses and local residents these incidents have caused severe financial strain. Businesses were forced to close at a a busy time with lost bookings and trade. When the town centre flooded (twice!), homes and businesses were ruined. 

It is clear that OFWAT compensation guidelines (OFWAT Standards of Service scheme) are not enough and the Government urgently need to reform these. But right now, I am calling on Southern Water to do the right thing to stop small businesses and residents in Hastings and Rye paying the price for these failings:

  • Compensate Hastings and Rye small businesses fairly for the disruption and lost earnings caused by going beyond the OFWAT legal minimums. £75 for a business that has lost £30,000  cannot be right.

  • ​Fair compensation should also be urgently given to small businesses and residents flooded in Hastings Town Centre, and flooded with sewage in West St Leonards.


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