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Save our local fire services:
tell the East Sussex Fire Authority not to downgrade our local Fire Station

Plans have been proposed to downgrade The Ridge Fire Station. Local Fire Fighters fear that the residents of Hastings, Rye and surrounding villages including Fairlight, Guestling, Pett, Pett Level, Icklesham , Camber, Iden and Peasmarsh would face a long wait to be rescued overnight. 

In many cases, more than one fire engine is required on the scene to mount a rescue or response. Downgrading The Ridge Fire Station could drastically increase the time it takes for sufficient fire crews to be in place to significantly make a difference, especially in the more rural areas.

These cuts come at a time when the demand on our fire service is increasing, with our community seeing more extreme weather events such as the recent flooding and Old Town fire, Storm Eunice, and last July’s extreme heat bringing the risk of wildfires. Join our campaign to oppose this downgrading of our local fire service.


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