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Save our local station ticket offices:
sign my petition to Southern Rail and Southeastern 

On the 5th July, the Rail Delivery Group confirmed plans to move staff out of ticket offices and into stations, with the consultation on these significant changes to last just 21 days. Many of you have raised concerns with including a number of elderly and disabled people living in Hastings and Rye who rely on train travel.  Sign my petition calling on our local train operators to think again and offer assurances for elderly and disabled rail users.

Consultation extended - hurry - you only have till 31st August! 

One in nine tickets are still sold at physical ticket offices . Given the fact that many of those passengers relying on ticket offices will be elderly and disabled rail users that may otherwise struggle to use digital alternatives, it is vital that you offer assurances that those rail users will still have access to the support they need to use our rail network with confidence. Research by the RNIB has found that only 3% of people with sight loss said they could use a ticket vending machine without problems and 58% said it was impossible .

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Thanks for signing. I will be submitting this to the train operators by 31 August in time for the consultation closing on 1 Sept. You can also write to them directly.
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