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Helena Dollimore meets Feargal Sharkey to discuss sewage scandal as Labour sets out plan to clean up

Labour has a clear plan to clean up our sea. Here more from Helena:

Video: Helena Dollimore's response to sewage dumping by Southern Water.

To see what can be done to tackle growing pollution levels, Helena spoke to Feargal Sharkey, a passionate campaigner against sewage dumping, at the 2022 Labour Party conference.

After their meeting Helana said, "He has done a great job, alongside many grassroots campaigners along our coastline, making sure the sewage dumping scandal gets the attention it needs. Like so many in our community who have spoken up, he is sick and tired of this disgraceful practice. "

Later in conference, Labour laid out its plans to tackle this growing problem.

Helena said, "This week we laid out a plan for how a Labour Government will get tough on water pollution and hold Southern Water bosses to account.

This involves:

  1. A legally binding target that 90% of all sewage discharges will end by 2030.

  2. Mandatory monitors on all sewage outlets and automatic fines for every single sewage discharge.

This is an emergency and we must be bold and it is Labour has bold plans to tackle this growing problem."

You can read more about Labour’s plan to get tough on water companies here

Also, the Labour Party has more policies to cut pollution.

These include:

  • Creating a green investment fund.

  • A pledge to decarbonise steel.

  • Improving renewable energy infrastructure.

  • Creating a new publicly-owned clean energy generation business.

  • Giving local communities a say over how renewable energy is generated.

  • Committing to producing more nuclear energy as part of the transition to a net-zero Britain.

More of Labour's environmental policies can be seen on the national Labour Party website.


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