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Helena Dollimore says local renters 'betrayed' over Government Renters Reform Bill U-Turn

Helena Dollimore, Labour MP candidate for Hastings and Rye criticised Secretary of State Michael Gove's decision to delay the end of Section 21 'no fault' evictions.

Despite long-standing recognition of the need for reforms in the sector, the government has yet to properly introduce legislation to support private tenants. The 2019 Conservative Party Manifesto included a commitment to end 'no-fault evictions,' but action has not followed suit.


Helena Dollimore, expressing dismay at the situation, stated: 'Once again, the Conservatives have failed renters. Essential safeguards promised to private renters for years have been undermined. Time and time again, this Tory government has made promises it can't keep.'


'Renters are too frequently forced to vacate their homes with little notice; many are families with children, and some end up homeless as a result.'


Emphasising Labour's commitment to change, she asserted ‘Under a Labour government, we will immediately abolish Section 21 'no fault' evictions and deliver the security and rights that renters deserve. When the Renters Reform Bill returns to the Commons, we will endeavour once more to strengthen this long overdue piece of legislation significantly.’


It is time for decisive measures to ensure that no one faces the uncertainty and upheaval of homelessness due to inadequate housing policies.


Under this Tory government, renters' rights hang in the balance. A Labour government will end unjust evictions and guarantee more security and rights for all renters in Hastings and Rye.


Source data for housing tenure percentages in Hastings and Rye are from the Office for National Statistics, based on the 2011 Census and Census 2021.


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