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Helena highlights Conservative record of failure on education

Helena recently appeared on BBC Politics South East to discuss the state of local schools with Caroline Barlow, a local headteacher at the school Helena attended a decade ago.

Helena said, ‘'We’ve seen more and more cutbacks from the Conservative government and the situation in many of our state schools has got worse and worse. Teachers are being asked to do so much more with so much less.’’

Helena regularly visits local schools and colleges across Hastings and Rye to hear first hand from pupils and students about the issues they face.

Labour will ensure every child has the core knowledge and skills they need as part of a broad curriculum, delivered by recruiting and training more teachers. This will be funded through closing tax loopholes for private schools and revoking the non-dom tax status. Labour has also committed to more breakfast clubs for primary school children and a trained mental health specialist in every school.

By reforming our childcare and education systems, Labour will boost opportunities for everyone, and our economy, and make sure there is no class ceiling on the ambitions of young people in Britain.

Labour will fund an improved education system through ending tax breaks for private schools and restoring the higher income tax rate for the very richest.

Read further about how Labour will improve opportunities for children here: Breaking down the barriers to opportunity at every stage - Labour's mission


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