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People in Hastings & Rye have to wait too long to see a GP

Through Helena's Freedom of Information request, Hastings & Rye Labour reports that there have been 2,252 people within the constituency who have experienced waiting times of more than 4 weeks to see a GP. Hastings Labour argues that the Conservatives have been a key part in causing this crisis and that a change in government is needed to rectify the problem.

In response, Helena Dollimore, Hastings & Rye Labour's parliamentary candidate said, "Our NHS has been pushed to breaking point after 12 years of Conservative mismanagement. We must fix this. The next Labour government will oversee the biggest expansion of the NHS workforce in history training more nurses, doctors and midwives".

Helena has volunteered with local NHS services during the pandemic, including vaccinating people during the pandemic. If elected, she will back Labour's plans to fix the NHS in parliament.

This, on top of longer ambulance and A&E waiting times, shows the NHS is under severe pressure and is in crisis. Labour has a plan on how to tackle all these problems and is urging voters within Hastings & Rye to back Labour so we can get a change of government and start addressing these problems.

Wes Streeting, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary in response has said Labour's plan would be to:

"1. Double the number of medical school places to train 15,000 doctors a year. 2. Train 10,000 new nurses and midwives every year. 3. Double the number of district nurses qualifying each year.

4. Provide 5,00 new health visitors."

He also went on to say, "Labour will tackle staff shortages in the NHS to save taxpayers’ money being wasted on agency recruiters and treat patients on time again by:

"The plans will be paid for by abolishing non-dom tax status, which allows residents of the UK to avoid paying taxes here."

He concluded, “Desperate GP surgeries are struggling to meet demand because the Conservatives have failed to train enough doctors and nurses over the past 12 years. Labour will tackle the root cause of the crisis in the NHS, training 7,500 more doctors and 10,000 more nurses a year, paid for by abolishing the non-dom tax status. We need doctors and nurses, not non-doms.”


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